NEW LOOK! Ceramic Detail Spray

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This is not your average detail spray. Our silica-infused Ceramic Detail Spray works great to maintain an already ceramic coated surface by providing an extra boost of protection and shine. Safely remove light grime and dust from your vehicle as you leave behind a durable protection.  Adding Ceramic into your detail line up increases the longevity of the protection and shine AND is more durable than a regular wax or sealant. Not just for coated vehicles, you can experience the same innovative results on an uncoated surface as well. Make Ceramic Detail Spray your new “go-to” product for showing off your ride!

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SCG Quality

  • Durability: 60 Days
  • Silica infused detail spray for quick touch ups
  • Remove contaminants without leaving behind scratches
  • Replenish and extend 9H Coating, Ceramic Sealant, Ceramic Wash & Seal

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