Cold Weather Prep


With the chilly breeze of autumn evenings reaching many parts of the country it’s clear that winter weather isn't far away, but that doesn't mean your job as a die-hard shine enthusiast takes a vacation! Whether you're going to be driving your car on snow and salt covered roads in the East or seeing more rainy wet days on the West Coast, now is the perfect time to do a thorough cleaning and apply protection to keep your car at its best.


Though your car was likely exposed to very little harsh weather all spring and summer it no doubt logged some miles driving to car shows, around town, or just cruising on sunny weekends. Trips to the lake or beach likely brought a little soil to your carpets and those French fries that fell between the seats are probably still there.  

Take the time to pull out all your floor mats now, vacuum everything, clean all your interior panels, and wipe all the panels down with Surf City Garage Interior Detailer. It’s not unusual to have a buildup of sunblock, sweat, and skin oil on your steering wheel and shifter – take some extra time to clean those as well. The active deodorizing agents in Interior Detailer will neutralize any stale odors and leave your interior with a neutral smell.  Don’t forget to treat carpet stains with Hit the Spot Upholstery Cleaner and a clean microfiber towel as well.

If your car or truck features a cabin air filter now is the perfect time to change it as well! Spring and summer months mean lots of pollen and airborne debris – your cabin filter should be checked and replaced to ensure clean, filtered air for you and your passengers all winter long.


For those who will see cold and snow in the coming months nothing is more important than putting down a coat of protection to preserve the exterior surfaces of your car, which is why Autumn is the perfect time perform a full and thorough detail.

Using Surf City Garage Car Wash followed by a ClayZilla treatment is the perfect way to start your car off with a clean slate and remove the products that have built up over a summer of car shows and cruises. After deep cleaning the paint, fix any light surface marks with Beyond Clay and lock-in the shine with a durable coat of Nano Seal and Speed Shield for protection from harsh winter conditions. Apply it them your wheels as well!

Don’t forget your trim! The rubber seals around doors and windows, your wiper cowl and any exposed plastics take a beating in the winter. Apply a heavy coating of VRT to help them fight off fade and discoloration.

Lastly, and this goes double for those in snowy climates, be sure to coat your glass with Speed Shield! Snow, slush, and grime will slide off the glass and your windows will be much easier to keep clean with a protective, non-stick coating on them. Treat your mirrors, and all exterior glass at the beginning of the season and every 250-350 miles of winter driving to keep your glass clean and crystal clear! While you’re at it be sure to inspect and change those wiper blades if needed. Visibility is key in winter months!!


Are you one of the fortunate ones who get to park their prized possession in storage for the winter to keep it safe? That doesn’t let you off the hook from performing some car care maintenance to make your spring cleanup that much easier! A good detailing and application of key products before storing your car or truck for the winter is just as important as it is for the vehicles that will be driven in winter.

Give the interior one good final cleaning before sealing it up for the winter. Vacuum carpets and seats and treat any stains or soiling. A sealed car with any kind of contamination on the inside can give you a smelly/musty surprise when you open it back up in spring.

Wash the vehicle’s exterior thoroughly to remove any traces of dust or dirt and apply a coating of protective wax. A fresh coat of high-quality carnauba like Barrier Reef Hand Blended Paste Wax will preserve the exterior and provide that crucial protection from dust that may accumulate over the time while in storage.

Using a cover? Here are a couple tips – no matter how soft your cover is, if it’s placed over dirty or dusty panels, it will cause scratches. Be sure your vehicle is spotless before putting on the cover! If there is any dust present before you install the cover, use a high-quality detail spray like Speed Demon or Hot Rod to remove it.

Protect your cover from your wheels too! Tires will leave unsightly black stains on a car cover where it touches. Drape a large towel over each tire/wheel before putting on the cover. The additional coverage for the tires/wheels will keep them safe and your cover won’t have stains when you remove it.