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In Celebration of our nearly 50 year history of making your rides shine, we created a limited release of Quality Wax & Polish, our best sellers, now catered for Autos, Motos, and Vessels. The Enthusiast Grade products that you already know and love, now in a new iconic package. 

The Limited Edition Collection will feature new releases of our best selling products and new concepts with an additional line of lifestyle accessories!


- The idea -

Surf City Garage has roots that go back to 1970, when Tim Miller bought his first car, a 1967 Pontiac GTO with a 400 V8 and a 4-speed, which he raced at various tracks around Southern California. Later, Miller began acquiring other cars and his American Muscle Car Collection became the foundation of Surf City Garage, based in Huntington Beach, California. Miller’s collection also included a healthy range of motorcycles and boats, “Anything that is outdoors and goes fast is what I have grown up with my whole life. It just makes sense to celebrate our love for all rides with this Limited Edition line. We are all pretty excited about it."



Whether you drive a classic car, a daily driver, are on two wheels or prefer the open waters – Surf City Garage has the line up you need for all modes of transportation and your passion. It is Miller’s passion that has grown to become a household name and now expands to the masses of recreational enthusiasts.

“When I created these products years ago, I wanted them to be the best for my cars. All Top Quality Ingredients, All The Time. The Limited Edition Collection expands that craft to my other loves motorcycles and boats. The look, the feel and most importantly - the results. These products fit the lifestyle...and that's what we are all about!" - Tim Miller



The LIMITED EDITION Collection of surface care for Autos, Motos and Vessels to celebrate its nearly 50 years in making your rides shine! The LIMITED EDITION –SAME SHINE. NEW LOOK is a release of the same Enthusiast Grade® products the company has been known for, in new iconic packaging. The line features new releases of detailing products and lifestyle accessories.