About Us

The Surf City Garage Story

The Story of the Fastest Growing
Detailing Product Company on the Planet


In the Beginning...

The word aerospace is used for the first time. Alaska becomes a state. The first integrated circuit is invented. Congress creates NASA. And the idea for Surf City Garage is born in Southern California when Tim Miller’s Dad brings home a brand new Chevrolet step-side pickup. Even though he was just a small boy, some experiences have stayed with him his whole life. He remembers his dad teaching him how to drive in that Chevy, and he even still owns it, but now it’s got 4-wheel disc brakes and Corvette running gear.



A Dream is Born

Tim turned 16 and with money saved from working summers, he bought his first car - a 1967 Pontiac GTO with a 400 and a 4-speed. Tim raced every weekend at all the local Southern California tracks: Orange County International, Irwindale and Carlsbad, plus the infamous Lions Drag Strip. And so began the true start of Surf City Garage and his collection of what is now over 130 vintage muscle cars known as the Surf City Garage American Muscle Car Collection.


The Collection

Fast forward over 30 years and Surf City Garage transports you back in time. There before you is a Flying A gas station, just like it was in the 50s. A ’68 Shelby GT-500 sits at the pumps. Walk through the Shelby Showroom past a 22-foot-long neon Buick dealership sign and head toward Corvette Corner. In front of you is a red and white ’58 Corvette, the first car Tim ever restored. At the other end of the garage you enter a complete restoration shop. Here expert craftsmen maintain the collection and restore new acquisitions. Professional detailers clean and wax over a mile of 60’s chrome. When you have over 130 vintage muscle cars, the work never stops.



Made By Enthusiasts

To keep the cars looking great, Tim tried every car care product around, but just wasn’t satisfied with the quality or performance. Tim works with a chemist and together with his expertise in the anatomy of the automobile, they create magic. Surf City Garage Enthusiast Grade® Detailing Products come to life. In 2007, Surf City Garage sells its first bottle without even being on the shelves yet.


A Worthy Competitor

Surf City Garage Enthusiast Grade® Detailing Products hit Walmart and Pep Boys shelves, along with many auto chains and speed shops. The products quickly become recognized around the world as the best anyone can buy and Tim’s guarantee: if these aren’t the best products you’ve ever used, give me a call and I’ll personally buy them back – goes unmatched in the industry.



Where We’re Headed

Word traveled fast and Surf City Garage is sold worldwide, in over 30 countries, quickly becoming the fastest growing car care company in the world to this day. And this is only the beginning…