Tangerine Polishing Foam Pad
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Tangerine Polishing Foam Pad Tangerine Polishing Foam Pad Tangerine Polishing Foam Pad

Tangerine Polishing Foam Pad

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Powerful correcting paired with the ability to leave a defect free finish, the SCG Pro Tangerine Foam Pad uses a unique hydro-tech pre polymer foam to cut through defects, yet still finishes fine enough to be used for one step polishing when needed. Taking on multiple paint restoration needs in one pad makes it one of the most versatile pads you’ll ever use. 

Specifically chosen for its closed cell structure and water-based polish compatibility the Tangerine Foam Pad keeps your polishes and compounds on the surface of the pad where they can do the most work. The flat face design maximizes contact between the pad and the paint allowing you to work faster and more effectively. }

Each pad features a durable hook and loop Velcro backing that clings tight to standard backing plates and thanks to the three different sizes offers solutions for virtually any tool in your collection.

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Give our Professional detailing products from Surf City Garage a try. If they're not the best you've EVER used, give me a call, and I'll PERSONALLY buy them back. Tim Miller Founder, Surf City Garage


NOTE: Always clean foam pads and accessories after each use. Do not store in sealed plastic bags or containers. Keep away from areas with high heat or continuous sun exposure.  

  1. Spray pad face liberally with 8:1 mixture of SCG Pro APC Concentrate and agitate by hand or with a medium soft brush. 
  2. Rinse thoroughly with clean water, until water runs clear. Repeat as necessary to remove all polish residues.
  3. Gently squeeze out excess water and air dry in a clean area away from high heat and direct sunlight. 

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