Surf City Garage Professional Polymer Detail Spray 943
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Surf City Garage Professional Polymer Detail Spray 943 Surf City Garage Professional Polymer Detail Spray 943

Surf City Garage Professional Polymer Detail Spray

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A wax-free formula that’s safe for all exterior surfaces – including matte paint and vinyl – Polymer Detail Spray is the cornerstone of the Surf City Garage Professional line and a product you’ll reach for again and again. The synthetic formula leaves behind a glossy coating for additional protection and, thanks to electrostatically charged particles, helps prevent dust accumulation. Polymer Detail Spray’s extremely slick feel makes it ideal for light cleaning between washes, daily touch ups or simply adding shine.

(1) Spray onto surface to be treated.
(2) Wipe with a clean, plush microfiber towel.
(3) If towel becomes saturated, flip to a fresh side or replace.
(4) In extreme heat, first spray product onto towel and then wipe.


Give our Professional detailing products from Surf City Garage a try. If they're not the best you've EVER used, give me a call, and I'll PERSONALLY buy them back. Tim Miller Founder, Surf City Garage

Customer Reviews

A product that seems to have anti-static qualities Review by Bill
Overall Rating
This is by far the best detail spray I have found. It is very easy to apply and you are left with a deep gloss looking finish
without streaking. It also seems to have anti-static qualities as there is less dust accumulation and blows off easily.
Thanks for making an AWESOME product. (Posted on 10/15/2017)
Simply the best Review by Jeff
Overall Rating
I use both the Speed Demon and this Polymer detail spray (both excellent products) but the Polymer has a few significant advantages.

1. No wax build up. Off and on I will use the Speed Demon if I want a thin layer of carnuba wax on my paint but on spots that you miss or are hard to get to like between body panels or door hinges, the product with wax in it hazes later in the day, the professional polymer doesn't.

2. Much easier to apply. Other detail sprays either streak up or you have to use much more effort rubbing it in. The polymer spray has a much thinner consistency and goes on much easier.

3. Dust. This is the only spray I've used in which you can blow the dust off your paint without microfiber wiping, it's that slick.

4. Shine. Unbelievable brightness. I tend to like a brighter shine personally instead of a deep gloss that a wax will provide. My opinion is if you're taking care of your cars paint on a daily basis, it's been waxed and this polymer spray just brings it out even better.

CONS - NONE... Although, I would like to see this product provided in a smaller pump spray like they do with some of their other products. Also, this stuff is impossible to find in stock...anywhere. (Posted on 4/30/2017)
Awesome! Review by Erik
Overall Rating
This stuff is awesome! I think that the previous positive reviews are spot on. I always have a few bottles on hand. Another A+ product from SCG! (Posted on 1/23/2016)
Love the results and smell of this product!! Review by Seth
Overall Rating
Absolutely fantastic product! Does an excellent job at protecting the paint, leaves an unbelievable shine along with the paint being as smooth as can be. (Posted on 10/8/2014)
Great smell and product Review by Eric
Overall Rating
The sprayer I got with this DS sprayed really well, product smells amazing and wipes up easily. Great stuff (Posted on 8/29/2014)
Impressive! Review by Ty
Used for the first time today, Surf City Garage's Polymer Detail Spray (PDS). I used this detail spray in conjunction with their new clay bar to freshen up and decontaminate glass. After claying with spray mists of detail spray I found the product to be plentyful. A little spray goes a long way! Great product with a nice scent. Applies evenly and whipes clear with a streak free finish! After claying and following up with a microfiber towel the glass was so clear I felt I didn't need to clean the glass thereafter. A+ (Posted on 7/21/2014)
Finally a detail spray that doesn't streak on my black car! Review by Ed
I've never really enjoyed using detail sprays because on my car (Crystal Black Pearl Acura) I would spend more time chasing down and buffing off streaks than actually washing the car. I used Polymer Detail Spray for the first time today and was very impressed as it didn't streak a bit and left my finish super slick and 'wet looking'.

*Does NOT streak and can be used in direct sunlight
*A little goes a long way and it's super easy to wipe off with a plush microfiber towel.
*Adds some additional protection and can be used as part of your drying process.

*Not necessarily with the product but I would like a clear strip or something similar along the side of the bottle so I can be aware of how much product I do have remaining. (Posted on 7/7/2014)
Awesome Detail Spray Review by Donny
I was extremely impressed by this detail spray. It least a glossy slick finish on the paint and is streak free. This is definitely my new go to detail spray (Posted on 6/23/2014)
SLICK Review by mike
so many good things to say about this. incredible scent, slick, streak-free and extremely glossy ! Also adds protection. bright blue in color, with a very high quality bottle, sprayer and waterproof label. Very happy I found this product :) (Posted on 6/20/2014)
Liking this detail spray more and more! Review by Tim
This detail spray results in the slickest, slipperiest finish of any detailer I have used. I have tried nearly all the major brands, and the SCG Polymer Detail Pray may be my new favorite. The gloss is as good as the best competing spray out there but the lubricity of this spray is impressive, and helps minimize any scratching of my gloss black paint. (Posted on 6/19/2014)

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