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  1. Surf City Garage Professional Polymer Detail Spray 943

    Surf City Garage Professional Polymer Detail Spray


    A wax-free formula that’s safe for all exterior surfaces – including matte paint and vinyl – Polymer Detail Spray is the cornerstone of the Surf City Garage Professional line and a product you’ll reach for again and again. The synthetic formula leaves behind a glossy coating for additional protection and, thanks to electrostatically charged particles, helps prevent dust accumulation. Polymer Detail Spray’s extremely slick feel makes it ideal for light cleaning between washes, daily touch ups or simply adding shine.

    (1) Spray onto surface to be treated.
    (2) Wipe with a clean, plush microfiber towel.
    (3) If towel becomes saturated, flip to a fresh side or replace.
    (4) In extreme heat, first spray product onto towel and then wipe.


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  2. Surf City Garage Professional APC Concentrate 926

    Surf City Garage Professional APC Concentrate

    Price: $9.99

    Special Price: $6.99

    Surf City Garage Professional All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate is all about options: customize it to suit your particular situation. Its powerful, biodegradable detergents, surfactants and degreasers cut through the toughest automotive grime with ease. When diluted as recommended, it’s safe on all automotive surfaces including interior and exterior panels. Use to clean tires, wheels, engine bays and interior surfaces – including leather. Just dilute as directed and get stunning cleaning power with every use.

    Dilution Recommendations:
    Use at full strength only in situations that require extreme cleaning power. This is a professional grade concentrate and can cause damage to some surfaces if used incorrectly. (All dilutions are WATER : CHEMICAL)

    Recommended Uses: 
     - Heavy duty cleaning - Tires, engine bays, clear coated wheels, bug or tar removal 4:1
     - Moderate cleaning – aluminum, wax-stained trim, foam pads and accessories 8:1
     - Light cleaning – interior surfaces, door panels, coated leathers, delicate materials 16:1

    16oz SKU: 926
    Gal SKU: 950PL
    Bundle (1) 16oz & (1) Gal SKU: 349


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  3. Surf City Garage Professional Active Wheel Cleaner Plus 927

    Surf City Garage Professional Active Wheel Cleaner Plus


    Active Wheel Cleaner combines the powerful brake dust melting power of a wheel cleaner with the tire scrubbing power of a high quality degreaser, allowing you to clean both surfaces with just one product. Alkaline detergents remove old tire dressings and road grime from rubber while active particles attack and melt away brake dust. The color-changing formula turns red so you know the job is done.


    Never spray the cleaner on to a hot surface or allow it to dry.
    (1) Spray Active Wheel Cleaner Plus on to a cool, dry wheel.
    (2) Scrub tires first with a stiff bristle brush.
    (3) Allow cleaner to activate on wheels, as indicated by color change.
    (4) Agitate wheel face with a soft brush.
    (5) Rinse thoroughly to remove residues.

    16oz SKU:  927
    Gal SKU: 957
    Bundle (1) 16oz & (1) Gal SKU: 354


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  4. Surf City Garage Professional Clarifying Glass Cleaner 928

    Surf City Garage Professional Clarifying Glass Cleaner


    Ammonia-free and alcohol-free are just two requirements for a good glass cleaner, but we even took that a step further by removing unnecessary dyes that can hamper performance. Surf City Garage Professional Clarifying Glass Cleaner is a crystal-clear formula that provides streak-free performance inside and outside your ride.

    For best results always use a clean microfiber glass-cleaning towel.
    (1) Spray a small amount of Clarifying Glass Cleaner on the surface.
    (2) Wipe the surface with a microfiber glass-cleaning towel until clear.
    (3) If towel becomes saturated or streaking occurs, follow with a second microfiber glass towel.

    16oz SKU:  928
    Gal SKU: 958
    Bundle (1) 16oz & (1) Gal SKU: 350


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  5. Light Blue Towel

    Light Blue Utility Towel


    Detailing can be a dirty business. Doorjambs, engine bays, wheels and exhaust tips can contain some of the worst grease and grime that can ruin your expensive microfiber towels. That’s why we offer the Surf City Garage Professional Microfiber Light Blue Towel. This Utility Towel is perfect for those areas of your car that need a delicate touch, but could possibly stain or ruin your best towels. The short fiber design gives you scrubbing power for cleaning leather seats or your dash, but they’re still soft enough to wipe down doorjambs or wheels, without introducing scratches or swirls.

    Size: 16 x 16

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  6. Surf City Garage Professional Interior Quick Detailer 941

    Surf City Garage Professional Interior Quick Detailer


    A cleaner, a protectant AND a deodorizer, all-in-one. Surf City Garage Professional Interior Quick Detailer is the perfect solution to maintaining your interior, whether it’s factory new or fresh off a full detail. Special cleaners and UV protectants treat leather, vinyl and plastics, leaving behind a no-gloss/no-grease finish. Use Interior Quick Detailer to remove dust, fingerprints, smudges and light contamination and get great UV protection at the same time.

    (1) Spray on to door panels, dash, leather seats and all other interior surfaces.
    (2) Use a microfiber towel to wipe the surfaces until product is completely absorbed.
    (3) Remove overspray from adjacent surfaces with a clean/dry towel.

    16oz SKU:  941
    Gal SKU: 963
    Bundle (1) 16oz & (1) Gal SKU: 357


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  7. Gray Edgeless Towel

    Gray Edgeless Towel


    When it comes to maintaining a clean, swirl-free finish, the importance of high quality plush microfiber towels cannot be overstated. Our ultimate solution to paint care is the Surf City Garage Professional Edgeless Microfiber Towel. Featuring a completely borderless design and available in your choice of three colors (blue, orange, or gray), these are the towels you’ll reach for again and again.

    Perfectly sized at 16” x 16” with 470gsm microfiber, you can use these super soft towels for removing polish or wax residue, wiping down with Polymer Detail Spray, or even with our Rinse-Free Wash. 

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