Surf City Garage Professional Extreme Suds Balanced Wash 938
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Surf City Garage Professional Extreme Suds Balanced Wash 938 Surf City Garage Professional Extreme Suds Balanced Wash 938

Surf City Garage Professional Extreme Suds Balanced Wash

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This high-foaming, pH balanced soap gently cleans the exterior surface of your vehicle by lifting away dirt, contaminants and other abrasive particles for a clean, spot-free finish. Concentrated gel produces a thick, luxurious lather whether used in a bucket, foam gun or foam cannon.

Dilution Recommendations:
Bucket Wash – 0.5oz to 1oz per gallon of water
Foam Gun (Hose Attachment) – 4oz per 32oz mixture
Foam Cannon (Pressure Washer) – 2oz per 32oz mixture


Give our Professional detailing products from Surf City Garage a try. If they're not the best you've EVER used, give me a call, and I'll PERSONALLY buy them back. Tim Miller Founder, Surf City Garage

Customer Reviews

Enhanced shine, super slick, but still effective Review by Adam
Overall Rating
Look I'm not going to say that this soap is going to remove every bug with just a foam cannon, but as far as P.H. neutral and maintenance soaps go, this thing cleans better than most without weakening or stripping my hard work I put in on customers full details.

I pretreat bugs and tar with APC 8 to 1 and use a two bucket wash and foam cannon pre-rinse. 1 oz to 3-4 gallons of water in the bucket and 1 oz in the foam cannon (I think 2 is recommended but 1 is more than enough). I let the foam sit for a minute or two before starting my hand wash then get to work. Like I said, a slick surface to slide across with effective cleaning. With the APC pretreat, I usually have nothing left behind to touch up so my drying towels now have a much longer life expectancy.

Bonus: It's strong enough I can use it to clean wheels I have sealed with Acrylic Shield so I do not have to reapply. It makes my process a little backwards as I clean the wheels last in this scenario. (Posted on 11/6/2016)
I agree with Ed Review by Erik
Overall Rating
Ed' expansion of the Extreme Suds Balanced Car Wash was spot on. The lather is amazing when using the foam cannon with a pressure washer. My wash mitt glides over the surface of my car. Use the two bucket system and is on you if there are scratches or swirl marks on your car.
Pros & cons are right on. It would be nice if many of the products had clear "viewing strips" to see how much product was left. Not a deal breaker. The weight of the bottle allows you to "guesstimate" how much is remaining. I always have a few extra bottles of everything just in case. (Posted on 1/23/2016)
Great thick suds and super slick Review by Ed
I've tried most of the big name car shampoos and while some are better than others I was usually disappointed with how quickly the suds would die off after just a few minutes, that's not the case here! I used 2 oz in approximately 4 gallons of water and got NICE thick suds that stayed thick throughout my entire wash process.

*THICK suds that stay that way throughout the entire wash process
*A little goes a long way.
*Very slick feeling as you run your wash pad across the paint.

*Not necessarily with the product but I would like a clear strip or something similar along the side of the bottle so I can be aware of how much product I do have remaining. (Posted on 7/7/2014)
Extreme Suds... Not just a product name! Review by Kingsford
Extreme Suds... It's not just a name its a description! I got daring and added only 0.5 oz of soap to my 5 Gallon Bucket (only fill it between 3.5-4 Gallons) thinking I'd get a some what soapy/watery solution but I was completely wrong! The lathering, soapiness, foam, whatever you want to call it from just 0.5 oz of wash in my bucket FILLED the bucket with thick foam! There was so much I actually had to finish filling my bucket with the nozzle in the water!

My first impression was "THIS IS AWESOME!" Oh... but wait... theres more...

Since my truck was already clean when I got my order and I just had to wash something to try it out... I waited 2 days until my Dad got home from his fishing trip in Wisconsin... Woodsy, Bug Filled, Wisconsin. The bugs were terrible! I mean just TERRIBLE on the front of his Silverado. Again, got daring and just got them wet with the hose... no presoaking or anything. The results amazed me. With extremely little effort just rubbing a wool wash pad over them a few times they came right off!

Extreme Suds lathers very very well, it does not dry on paint very fast at all, gives a great shine, rinses off easily and a little bit goes a long ways! From my experience, the tailgate was washed in the middle of the wash and in the sun. When finished with the whole truck the tailgate was rinsed in the middle of the rinsing process and came right off! It did not dry on the paint at all and left absolutely no spots!

The finished product gave an amazing shine and just looked 100 times better! Especially for a neglected Daily Driver & Work truck like his! (Posted on 6/17/2014)

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