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Ultra-Clear™ Headlight Restoration Kit

Product Details
What makes Ultra-Clear® better than other headlight restoration kits? No sanding required. Most other kits require several steps of sanding to remove contaminants. That's a lot of work. Only Ultra-Clear uses advanced Micron Polishing Technology™ which eliminates the need for sanding and gives you that factory-new look without all the extra effort. And only Ultra-Clear includes a Lens Protectant that protects new, undamaged lenses and freshly restored ones from future fading. Includes: 4oz Ultra-Clear Lens Polish, 8oz Ultra-Clear Lens Protectant, 1-Polishing Ball, 1-Microfiber Towel and 1-roll of masking tape.
Special Instructions

1). Place masking tape around headlight lens to protect surrounding paint. 2). Securely attach Polishing Ball to a power drill. 3). Apply a small amount of Ultra-Clear Lens Polish to ball. 4). Using the polishing ball, spread the polish over the headlight lens then turn drill on and buff the lens left to right. 5). When finished, use a microfiber cloth to wipe the headlight lens of any remaining polish. 6). Spray the entire lens with Ultra-Clear Lens Protectant and wipe dry using a clean microfiber cloth. 7). Remove masking tape

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  • Tim Miller - Founder, Surf City Garage

    • Restores headlights to factory-new brilliance
    • No sanding required
    • Includes Lens Protectant

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