Duo Wash Bucket Package

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Two is always better than one! Nothing could be more true when it comes to detailing your vehicle. Washing is the first opportunity to introduce a scratch or swirl mark into the paint. By using the 2 bucket method, it greatly helps to minimize re contamination of dirt and grime into your wash bucket, which in turn reduces the chance of any surface damage. At Surf City Garage, we are like an overprotective parent just looking out for your safety. So listen to our wisdom on this one and be safe, get the Duo Wash Bucket Package.

 (1) New Look! PACIFIC BLUE Car Wash 32oz
 (1) New Look! SPEED DEMON Exterior Detailer 20oz
(1) SCG Wash Bucket with Grit Guard
(1) SCG Rinse Bucket with Grit Guard
(1) New Zealand Sherpa Sponge
(1) Waffle Weave Drying Towel 20x40
(1) Edgeless Drying Towel 24x40

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