Surf City Garage Detail Guide

Need detailing advice? You’ve come to the right place.  Whether you’ve never detailed a car in your life or you’ve got the cleanest ride on the block, the detailing pros at Surf City Garage have put together a guide just for you. Start with the Casual Detailers’ Guide to learn the basics, pick the Enthusiast Detailers’ Guide if you’ve just been missing out on those Best of Show Awards, or go straight to the Pro Detailers’ Guide to learn the most advanced detailing techniques anywhere.

Casual Detailers

Car wash? Not anymore. We’ll show you how easy it is to start saving time, money and your car’s paint. Even if you’ve never detailed before, this Casual Detailers’ Guide tells you everything you need to know – in clear, non-technical language – so you can easily make your car look like new inside and out.

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Enthusiast Detailers

Whether you love detailing your ride just for fun or you’re looking for that Best of Show Trophy, you’ve probably picked up a lot of detailing tricks along the way.  Our Enthusiast Detailers’ Guide will show you, step-by-step, the best products to use and some new techniques you probably haven’t seen before.

Download a printable PDF Version - COMING SOON!

Pro Detailers

You may be a professional detailer or you may just want your car to look like it’s been professionally detailed. Our Pro Detailers’ Guide explores the more technical side of detailing. It’s like a graduate-level course that shows you what it takes to create that Best of Show shine and achieve detailing perfection.

Download a printable PDF Version - COMING SOON!