NEW LOOK! Barrier Reef® Carnauba Spray Wax

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It's Barrier Reef Carnauba Spray Wax, in our NEW Package!

If you're on the fence about trying our Spray Wax, just do it. The absolute worst that could happen is the premium, hand-blended carnauba could transform your paint, giving it that long-lasting protection and deep, wet shine that turns every head on the block. Yeah, that would just be awful.

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Special Instructions

(1) Shake well (2) Spray on painted surfaces that are cool to the touch. (3) Using a circular motion, spread with a microfiber towel or applicator. (4) Allow product to dry and lightly buff with a clean microfiber towel.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

"Give our Enthusiast Grade® detailing products from Surf City Garage a try. If they're not the best you've EVER used, give me a call, and I'll PERSONALLY buy them back."

  • Tim Miller - Founder, Surf City Garage
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