NEW LOOK! Pacific Blue® Wash & Wax

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It's Pacific Blue Wash & Wax, in our NEW Package!

In a recent study, 99 out of 100 testers voted this Car Wash as the best they've ever used. It scored high across the board on its super-concentrated formula, ability to remove dirt and contaminants without scratching, and long-lasting carnauba wax coating for increased protection and deep-gloss shine. The other 1%? It was just a lost tourist who wandered in for the food and got shuffled in the group by accident. Doesn't count.

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Special Instructions

(1) Add one ounce (1oz) per gallon of water into a clean wash bucket. Use a hose to add water and create suds. (2) Dip microfiber sponge and wash vehicle from top down. (3) Rinse suds off with hose. TIP: Use the two bucket method – (1) bucket for wash, and (1) bucket for rinsing off the sponge after each wipe of the vehicle.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

"Give our Enthusiast Grade® detailing products from Surf City Garage a try. If they're not the best you've EVER used, give me a call, and I'll PERSONALLY buy them back."

  • Tim Miller - Founder, Surf City Garage
  • SCG Quality

    • Super-concentrated formula
    • Remove dirt and contaminants without scratching
    • Long-lasting Carnauba Wax coating
    • Increased protection and deep-gloss shine

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