Summer Spray

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It's that time of year when the bright, sunny days beg for barbecues, water balloons, and cold drinks! - that's right, it's Summer time! What's better than clear skies and 12 hours of sunshine? Knowing that there's a NEW detail spray specifically engineered to protect your paint and withstand the extreme UV rays throughout this time of year! Summer Spray gives you ten times - that's right, TEN TIMES - the UV protection for those intense rays that can do damage to you and your ride! It's also been formulated to be the fastest way to protect with a simple spray and wipe. No extended curing times, watching for haze, rainbow, or any other "effects." Spray, wipe, leave behind 10 times the protection, and enjoy your summer! Oh, not that we need to point it out, but don't use as your personal sunscreen! We know you thought about it!

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