Beyond Clay® Paint Polish 488
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Beyond Clay® Paint Polish 488 Beyond Clay® Paint Polish 488

Beyond Clay® Paint Polish

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Smoothing, correcting, and polishing your paint doesn’t have to be a multi-step process, at least it isn’t when you use Beyond Clay. Doing more than any one product could do alone, Beyond Clay restores faded paint to a factory gloss and removes swirl marks and light scratches, all while removing light surface contaminants. Each application leaves your paint smooth, glossy, and reflective. Don’t let water spots ruin your car's finish forever. Beyond Clay can remove those too and it's safe for all surfaces including paint, glass, and even chrome or aluminum. Our proprietary Enthusiast Grade® blend of polishes, paint cleansers, and surface enhancers is the ultimate one stop solution to bring the factory luster out of your car's finish. 


Give our Enthusiast Grade® detailing products from Surf City Garage a try.  If they're not the best you've EVER used, give me a call, and I'll PERSONALLY buy them back.

Tim Miller Founder, Surf City Garage

Shake well.

Buffer Use: Use a wool pad for moderate imperfections and foam pad for light imperfections. You can also use a wool pad first and then switch to a foam pad when the surface improves. Apply evenly to a cool clean surface. Begin buffing slowly using light to moderate pressure. Decrease pressure as imperfections disappear.

Hand Use: Apply a small amount to area. Using a soft microfiber towel, rub affected area until you achieve the desired results.

What Makes Surf City Garage® Enthusiast Grade® Detailing Products Different?

Beyond Clay® Paint Polish                 

  • Makes a clay bar obsolete. Does everything a clay bar does and much, much more.
  • Polishes paint and removes swirl marks, surface scratches  and oxidation.
  • Safely restores faded paint, savings thousands on a new paint job. 

 Most Other Brands

  • Clay bars collect contaminants that can do serious damage to your paint.
  • Clay bars can only remove oxidation. They cannot polish or remove imperfections like swirl marks and surface scratches.
  • Clay bars cannot restore faded paint.  Inexpensive polishes can easily damage your paint.



Surf City Garage's Detailing Tip:

After you use Beyond Clay, always follow up with a protective layer of wax. We recommend Nano Seal Protective Coat to seal your freshly buffed paint and Nano Glaze Gloss Coat to amplify your shine.

Customer Reviews

Incredible! Review by Mike
Overall Rating
My smoky black granite 2008 Lexus was turning gray on horizontal surfaces, the fenders were horrible. I tried every thing . My neighbor owns a body shop, and he said "nothing can fix it, you need to repaint!. Beyond Clay brought it back!! Laughing, I used Nano Sealer, then Nano Glaze, and finished with Black Edge wax.each stage, I couldn't believe the result!! Stunningly deep, every claim Surf City made is an understatement. The greyed areas are GONE! Even the fine scratches from previous attempts are also gone!! incredible products! (Also GONE,are ALL of my other car care products) Only Surf City, now! (Posted on 4/17/2018)
Great deep shine Review by The Happy Biker (Verified Purchase)
Overall Rating
this product is easy to use and gives you a great deep shine. Highly recommend. You will not be disappointed (Posted on 11/10/2014)
So much easier... Review by MF (Verified Purchase)
Overall Rating
This compound works so much quicker and easier than messing with clay. I was able to get rid of nearly every blemish and light scratch on my car to get it looking showroom ready again.

Surf City Garage will make detailing your ride easy and enjoyable. (Posted on 11/10/2014)
Brilliant Review by Vaino (Verified Purchase)
Overall Rating
I've tried numerous products over the years. Everything from 3M professional compounds through P21S, etc. This is extremely simply and effective. Far less effort to anything else I have tried to date. Only down side is it left a light film which was visible on Black, requiring a cleaner wax to remove and finish the job. Very effectively removed scratches. For my needs, this is the best product for the purpose. I've tried it on old and new german paint, old Italian paint, newer Japanese paint. Very pleased! (Posted on 11/10/2014)
Beyond Clay is beyond expectation Review by dc76
I had actually planned on using b.c. by hand, but instead used a Craftsman d.a. sander, with generic euro style polishing pads. The paint was pretty gross, with some swirls, stains, and abrasions. Beyond Clay polished them right out! When I was finished, the paint was squeaky clean, super glossy. B.C. has a very nice working time as well. I probably didn't need to use as much product as I did either. Wipe off was fairly easy, but probably would have been a breeze. I have a tremendous amount of confidence in using this product for many of the situations I'm faced with. Just changing pads illustrated the versatility, and wide application range of this product. Next time, I'll use a less aggressive pad to really refine the finish. If I need more cutting power, I'll use my orange Hex Logic pad. All in all great product! (Posted on 6/19/2014)

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