Barrier Reef® Wash & Wax 590
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Barrier Reef® Wash & Wax

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Product Description

Did you know that washing your car is the first opportunity to scratch it? The fact is that 90% of all damage to your car’s paint comes from using economy car wash. Now, with Enthusiast Grade® Barrier Reef, you can wash and wax without a scratch. Barrier Reef’s maximum suds, maximum protection #1 Brazilian Carnauba wax formula is hand-blended to isolate dirt particles so they can’t scratch your paint. It will never strip your existing wax and it always leaves a glass-smooth surface with a just-waxed shine, plus a fresh, clean scent. Not only that, it’s the best value on the shelf – this single bottle will wash over 50 cars.


Give our Enthusiast Grade® detailing products from Surf City Garage a try.  If they're not the best you've EVER used, give me a call, and I'll PERSONALLY buy them back.

Tim Miller Founder, Surf City Garage

(1) Product is highly concentrated. Add one ounce (1oz) per gallon of water into a clean wash bucket. Use a hose to add water and create suds.
(2) Dip microfiber sponge in bucket and wash car from the top down.
(3) Rinse suds off with hose.

What Makes Surf City Garage® Enthusiast Grade® Detailing Products Different?

Barrier Reef® Wash & Wax                 

  • Super-concentrated for the lowest cost per wash – over 50 washes in 64oz.
  • Safest wash you can buy. Totally scratch-free.
  • Longest-lasting protection. Contains highest volume of pure #1 carnauba wax.

Most Other Brands

  • Are thin and diluted, and they require much more product for a single wash.
  • Thinner products offer little or no protection against scratching your paint.
  • Contain much less actual wax and offer minimal protection.

Surf City Garage's Detailing Tip:

  • If you really love the gloss from Barrier Reef® Wash & Wax but want to kick it up in just 30 minutes to the richest, deepest gloss ever, follow up your car wash with an application of Barrier Reef® Carnauba Liquid Wax.

Customer Reviews

Incredible product. The best "wash and wax" product money can buy. It doesn't scratch and provides an effortless cleaning shine like no other. You won't be disappointed! Review by Spike
Overall Rating
The BEST PRODUCT money can biuy (Posted on 1/15/2018)
Awesome Car Wash!! Review by Rocky
Overall Rating
This is the best car wash i have ever used! It cleans and shines better then any other car wash out there! SCG products are Awesome! Period.... (Posted on 6/6/2014)

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